if you want to work a little....go to sleep and it will go away :)

Tell the truth I'm not a organized person at all, I'll tell more, I'm lazy like great part of people in the world. And I have an obsessive habit to be late on my work and anywhere. In what time I'd get up, I'll be late anyway. Because I like to stay under warm blanket a little more, because I like to drink coffee reading articles or looking through my e-mail and messages or listening music before to begin dressing on and to go outside. I fight with my habit a long time but It's useless, it sems  i can be late not only in office but even to miss my train. Yeah, i know ....it's very bad and expensive habbit

i'll try to fight....do you have a good advise? 

Do you know that feeling when you are captured  with some deal but your desire to go on this thing ends too fast? i know that too goodif you open one box in my wadrobe you'll find there several unfinished knittings, 4 or 5, i don't remember exactly. I can knit only socks because i needn't much time on it 

if you are not orginized person and you work in office you cant be a good worker even if you are  the first professional in your company

i thought that i couldn't be a good employee but i found a way to do all things during day what i need.  i understood that i must do a list or a plan and two things more: interest or good motivation. 

does it help me?  I'll tell you next time...



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You write it ironically.  I like it.

 I can't advise you, becaise I have the same problems.

I'm very lazy))) Every time I try find interest or good motivation!  But... I'm very lazy)))

Just do not pay attention to these problems)) Imagine that they are not, maybe they really will disappear))) I Usually behave))) 

Я бы предложил ставить таймер. Чтобы  компьютер выключался, когда пора одеваться и выходить.

Типа встаешь в 7, в 9 выходить. А комп автоматически отключается в половине девятого.

Для меня идеальным вариантом было бы вообще не включать компьютер с утра, перед выходом на работу. Тогда я все успеваю)) Но так пить кофе скучновато 

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