if you want to work a little....go to sleep and it will go away :)

Tell the truth I'm not a organized person at all, I'll tell more, I'm lazy like great part of people in the world. And I have an obsessive habit to be late on my work and anywhere. In what time I'd get up, I'll be late anyway. Because I like to stay under warm blanket a little more, because I like to drink coffee reading articles or looking through my e-mail and messages or listening music before to begin dressing on and to go outside. I fight with my habit a long time but It's useless, it sems  i can be late not only in office but even to miss my train. Yeah, i know ....it's very bad and expensive habbit

i'll try to fight....do you have a good advise? 

Do you know that feeling when you are captured  with some deal but your desire to go on this thing ends too fast? i know that too goodif you open one box in my wadrobe you'll find there several unfinished knittings, 4 or 5, i don't remember exactly. I can knit only socks because i needn't much time on it 

if you are not orginized person and you work in office you cant be a good worker even if you are  the first professional in your company

i thought that i couldn't be a good employee but i found a way to do all things during day what i need.  i understood that i must do a list or a plan and two things more: interest or good motivation. 

does it help me?  I'll tell you next time...



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It’s Easy or difficult to learn English?

Hello, everybody!

First of all I must say that I like to study… but not long time I think to learn something new isn’t boring till that time while you are really interested in these knowledges or you have strong motivation, or you are very organized person or….what else?

The same happens with my studying of English. I study it time to time during last 5 years. I said “time to time’, it happens rarely so excuse me if I do mistakes 

So why I began this topic? I’ll tell you. I began to learn English seriously (at least I hope)

I want to be educated person, I want to talk with foreigners in English fluently I want to find a new good job, probably 

It was one funny case during my trip in Spain last year. I travelled with my older brother who knows English better than me but I thought I’m good in it too. Well, when we arrived the airport and were in the plane already and took our seats, the stewardess came to us and asked me: “do you speak English, madame?” I was so sure that I could understand all what she will say I answered: “Sure”!  and I prepared to listenJ) and she began to talk….and while I heard what she was talking I understood…..i understood nothing!!! Nothing …..she saw my eyes which became bigger and bigger while she talked and she stopped. “Do you understand me?”- she asked. My brother saved me, he said: its ok, thank you! And she went away.

I was very upset, I thought I know English more or less but that case showed me that I know too little, it’s not enough for me!  And I want to say “thanks a lot, dear stewardess in that plane! You made me to be blush and to return for studying English again”

After my brother explained me what she said. If you want to know what about she was talking, ask me ..but in english, please

Now I have to go cooking and do other home things


See you soon! 

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